Affordable 100% renewable energy for homes

Helping you transition to net-zero carbon emissions and reduce your energy costs.


Electricity prices are set to climb

With the federal carbon tax hiking and generation costs increasing, electricity prices are set to climb higher each year.

Alberta is carbon emissions heavy

Energy delivered by traditional utilities in Alberta are mostly natural gas (70%), and increasingly expensive.

Energy consumption is unmanaged and inefficient

Vast majority energy consumption is unmanaged and inefficient, at a huge cost to you and the environment.

Your home. Net zero.

With solar panel leasing, the Energy Optimizer, and affordable green energy plans.

Plans for the people


Micro-gen Maximizer Plan

The future of micro-generation: The virtual solar power plant

  • An Energy Optimizer to manage and schedule electricity usage
  • Participate in pooled arbitrage profits that come back to you  
  • The option to purchase or lease solar systems 
  • Bi-directional interval meter installed in your property

100% Green Floating-Rate Plan

Save money annually with a plan that offers 100% renewable energy that costs less than your traditional electricity retailer.  No solar system required.

Experience Energy as a Service

Maximize your savings on electricity and benefit from arbitraged profits made through the intelligent managed importing and exporting of your power!

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100% renewable floating-rate plans available at no extra cost
More affordable than your traditional electricity retailer
Premium customer support and better service for all!
Integrates with smart home devices and EV chargers
Virtual Power Plant with Energy Optimizer to maximize solar benefits
Affordable leasing available for solar panels