100% Renewable energy

Switch to Solartility for guaranteed savings and a more reliable energy grid for your home, business, or farm.

Solartility is a utility provider developing groundbreaking solar technologies which deliver low cost, green energy.

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Benefits of using Solartility as your
green utility provider

Save Money

Solartility operates under a profit-share model that involves intelligently aggregating and operating solar energy and returning the resulting savings to customers.

Lower Carbon Footprint

By utilizing solar power, households and businesses decrease reliance on fossil fuels resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Hassle Free

From the initial consultation to installation and operation, Solartility ensures that your journey towards sustainable energy is effortless and tailored to your specific needs.

Optimized EV Charging

Automatically have your EV/s charged when it is most economically viable to do so while still ensuring you have a full charge when its time to hit the road.

Proudly Albertan

We believe that renewable energy should be accessible

Solartility entered the Canadian solar market in 2020. We’ve since completed modelling our Energy Optimizer software and have become an energy pool participant with the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO). In 2022, we completed pilot testing of our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology and are now ready to be your green energy utility provider.

Agrivoltaics, a revolution in solar farming

Discover Agrivoltaics — a game-changing synergy of agriculture and solar energy. Increase your farm’s efficiency and sustainability by integrating solar technology that can benefit both your crops and your bottom line.

Getting started is easy

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You live in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, or rural Alberta.

Solar panels

You currently have solar panels installed at your home.

Detached home

Your home is a stand-alone, detached unit with a garage.

Solar Leasing

Don't have solar panels? Join our solar leasing waitlist today.

Solartility is planning to introduce a solar leasing model to customers in the near future. Join the waitlist today to be one of the first on the list.

What makes Solartility's platform work?

There are four main pillars to the Solartility platform.

Power Inverter & Batteries

A Solartility battery and power inverter installed at your home store the excess solar energy captured by the panels on your roof.

Virtual Power Plant

A cloud-based central software which coordinates the grid interactions of your home along with thousands of other homes.

Energy Optimizer

An intelligent software that remotely operates your energy storage system to optimize energy imports and exports.

Utility Sales

Solartilty serves as your utility provider, enabling you to take part in the wholesale energy market and provide you with 100% renewable energy.